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Do you have a unique way you have envisioned your yard to be? Austin Rhino Home Care specialists can bring it to life😉.


Austin Rhino Home Care is a full-service lawn care provider offering the best lawn care services in Austin, TX, with our professionally trained lawnmowers and specialists.

We provide exceptional lawn care services such as lawn maintenance, garden maintenance, landscaping & design, hedge & tree trimming, mowing & edging, weed & insect control, and general yard work to ensure your property looks its best year-round.

If you’re interested in keeping your plants and grass looking their best thereby improving your home’s first impression without lifting a finger then get in touch with our certified and licensed lawn crews with years of experience to get the job done.

Our Lawn Care Services

Best Lawn Care Services in Austin, TX

Lawn Maintenance

Having a well-maintained lawn is highly essential to improving the appearance of your home. Our lawn care specialist will ensure your grass and plants gets the required nutrient needed to thrive and also keep weeds out from your lawn.


Austin Rhino Home Care landscaping specialists can transform your outdoor spaces into a more appealing environment for the members of your home and also raise your property’s market value by adding extra features to your outdoor space.

Hedge & Tree Trimming

Having trees around our homes is very crucial because of the positive benefits it offers such as, increasing property value and protecting our home from excess sunlight. We help homeowners save time and make their lives easier by taking care of their hedge and tree trimming.

Mowing & Edging

Austin Rhino Home Care provides regular mowing services to homeowners in Austin to keep their lawn neat and tidy. With the aid of our professional-grade equipment, we ensure your grass is looking healthy and green at all times.

Weed Control & Insect Control

The growth of weed can leave your lawn unattractive and sparse, and most weeds can be harmful if eaten by pets or livestock. Our well-trained specialists help Austin homeowners to control weed using our specially formulated, and environmentally-friendly products.

Garden Maintenance

A well-maintained beautiful garden helps beautify the overall look of your home. Our team of highly experienced gardening experts helps Austin homeowners to plant flower, mow their lawn, and properly trim bush and scrub to make their garden beautiful

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We provide exceptional lawn care services to Homeowners in Austin, TX and surroundings.


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At Austin Rhino Home Care, our professional lawn care service providers will help you mow and trim all lawn areas, fertilize all lawn areas for a beautiful green turf, prevent weed from growing in your lawn and maintain the appearance of your lawn all year round.

We know that having a beautiful, well-maintained lawn brings some kind of beauty and freshness to a home and that’s what our well-trained and experienced lawn crews will help you achieved.

We’re committed to making the lives of every homeowner in Austin easier by providing highly affordable and exceptional lawn care services to them. Get in touch Today!